Our history of cooperation with Land Rover Co. has started in 1995 when the then importer  of Rover cars in Poland  commissioned us  to  carry out research study  regarding analysis  of market needs and introducing new product in its sales network.

We fully  did a good job of  that  task but  side effect of it  was  fascination  which determined our further activity.
Two years later we made an  ambitious effort producing for use of KGHM mines  “Polska Miedź” S.A. first special vehicles provided for underground exploitation  in extremely heavy conditions considerably exceeding manufacturer guidelines.
Experiment was successful and up today over one hundred units with characteristic green logo is working everyday  in copper mine excavations.

Actually today we are significant dealer in Polish Land Rover network with separated division of special vehicles production.

Our offer covers constructions worked out for specialist civilian enterprises, rescue organizations , army and emergency services.     

We serve with positive result  individual users  as well as enterprises and state institutions.
For use of our strategic customers we opened  aftersales which covers half territory of Poland.
Now just nobody wants to believe us that all started from  fascination...