Mobile blaster vehicle

General information

Special version of Land Rover Defender 130 HCPU built for service miners teams disposing drained wells using explosive materials. 

Main task of that vehicle is  transport of employers and necessary materials to place where well is located which requires removal, putting down into it explosives materials and do the remote shooting.

SWS-Land Rover is putting into practice above tasks according to obligatory regulations in Poland what was confirmed by Wyższy Urząd Górniczy (Higher Mining Office in Poland).

Service team: 2-5 persons
Implementation: such vehicle is used in Poland by open brown coal mine in Belchatów.

Other models:

  • worked out a project of vehicle with similar intended use for geologists who are using seismic methods.
  • worked out a project of vehicle where other (mechanical) method of drained well disposal is used.