Huzar - Transport platform

General information

This is an example of the use of multipurpose transport  platform HUZAR (based on factory version of LR Defender 130) for military purposes.

The whole product line of such vehicles is intended for detecting and fighting against low flying planes was produced by RAWAR S.A. for an Asian customer.

Vehicles with 300 Tdi engine and later on 2,4 Td4 (PUMA) were used for conversion.

HUZAR  provides  for ca. 5200 kgs of Vehicle Gross Weight, 6x6 drive (permanent 4x4, third axle is added), very good  traction characteristics, full compatibility regarding spare parts with original Land Rover vehicles.

On delivered by us chassis readjusted, to tropical climate conditions, a special Polish made military equipment was fitted (radar, optical signature system, air-borne rocket launcher GROM type). Sets of such vehicles under common name KOBRA are one of commercial items offered by BUMAR Group.