Vehicles for Military Police

Hard Top

Land Rover DEFENDER 110 HARD TOP (5-door for 6 persons with plain roof) in version delivered to special units of Military Police in  2006-2008.:

The base for above mentioned model was Land Rover Defender 110 SW with 5-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine commercially marked Td5 (in last lot Td4-PUMA engine).

Due to specific requirements of customer and, short required period  of  first delivery it was decided by Military Police to purchase standard vehicles in LR factory. Conversion and added equipment to these vehicles had to be done in Poland. (in facilities of our company).

Such solution also ensured very high interchangebility of spare parts with commercial versions, what was one of additional conditions imposed by future user.

In comparison with base models vehicles delivered to Military Police  differed mainly in:

  • height of passenger compartment increased by ca. 150 mm..
  • arrangement and construction of seats (optimally adjusted to patrol function of vehicle)

Added equipment, which list covers a few dozen items has to provide the possibility of use of delivered cars in very diverse conditions. In added eqipment are included communications units, satelite navigation, additional warming and cooling systems, chassis and body protection, modified electrical and lighting systems, basic sapper equipment, etc.
Vehicles delivered to Military Police have extended warranty period and provide possibility of their servcing practically all over the world,  in all places where they can be sent under the international military forces.

Operations under international military forces  (from technical side) are made additionally easier due to possibility of use of British  service and workshops.

So far when Polish made Honker vehicles were used, Polish Army was thrown back on its own resources taking for such missions substantial quantity of spare parts and organizing own service points.


Soft Top

Similar solution with soft top roof built on Defender’s 110 PU chassis.